15 Veterinarians Who Just Had To Show Off Their Most Adorable Patients

Being a veterinarian is not easy, but the job definitely has more pluses than minuses.

Vets go into their line of work because they love animals and want to help them. It must be hard to see so many sick or injured pets, but for every sad story, there are dozens of cute, healthy animals whose appointments are sure to brighten up everyone’s day!

1. “My vet’s office just posted this picture of Kofee, a Russian blue!”

2. “I’m a horse vet. This adorable little guy fell asleep on my feet while I talked to his people.”

3. Say hello to their new vet tech. He’s pocket-size for their convenience!

4. Another day, another grateful patient.

5. “I love my job! Meet Norman.”

6. If they can’t pay their bills, they’ll be put to work!

7. Sweet dog sneaks in a kiss while her vet takes her blood pressure.

8. There are many perks to being a vet, but this definitely takes the cake.

9. “My mom, a veterinarian, just sent me a picture of one of her new patients.”

10. Possibly the cutest mixed breed ever? He’s part German shepherd, part golden retriever, and fully awesome.

11. If this is like one of those movies where the main characters swap bodies, I’m in.

12. “Hammie going for checkup.”

13. Just a gorgeous little wolf pup. All in a day’s work!

14. We’re not sure who told the joke, but they both seem to appreciate it.

15. Who is more shocked, Katie or this dog?

Hanging out with cute animals all day is definitely a great way to earn a living! All of these dedicated veterinarians deserve a pat on the back for putting up with everything they do. Adorable pet encounters go a long way to ease the stress of saving lives.

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