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15 Powerful Photos Of Rescue Dogs Before And After Adoption

golden retriever before and after adoption

If you’ve ever adopted a pet, you know how life-changing it can be both for you and your new furry friend.

That’s why there’s an incredibly popular subreddit called r/BeforeNAfterAdoption. It’s a place for animal lovers to show off just how different their pets look now compared to before they were adopted. We’ve gathered 15 of our favorite canine transformations below!

1. “We took home this sick pup that had cirrhosis of the liver and wasn’t expected to live more than three months. Today marks one year since we brought him home and now he’s healthier than ever!”

sad dog

2. “Found my girl on my way to work one day, a rural dirt road in the middle of nowhere. It’s obvious someone has hit her in the past so I think she was abandoned there. She is now our sweet Nipsy and lives with us on our farm.”

underweight dog in car

3. “I’ve posted Luna’s glow-up here a few years ago, but today we are celebrating her six-year Gotcha Day anniversary and I just love her so much and want to share her again.”

4. “ADOPTION UPDATE! When we brought her home, one day later, one week later.”

5. “She’s the sweetest creature I’ve ever met. I don’t always know what to say about her transformation other than ‘look.'”

malnourished dog

6. “Oliver was underweight, had mange, a distended belly, and we were told he might fail to thrive. He’s 8 months old today and hasn’t stopped growing!”

7. “Maya’s one year after adoption. From severely underweight to one happy pupperoni.”

sleeping puppy

8. “From dumped in the road, to home sweet home! This is birch baby!”

9. “First photo is one year ago when we got him from the shelter – insecure and nervous. Many hikes and plays later – he’s the king of our home. Dude’s first adoptiversary!”

sad dog in car

10. “Our sweet Toby was found in a ditch and couldn’t use his back legs. Now he’s king of the road in two wheels.”

dog in shelter

11. “Meet Bebe: Rescued after being thrown out of a moving car and five years later is my music buddy.”

dog in shelter

12. “I adopted this baby from the Dominican Republic one month ago – my mom didn’t believe me that it was the same dog. I named him Remi and he suffered from mange and malnutrition, not anymore!”

13. “My little old man, Buck. Started fostering December 12, adopted Christmas Eve! One look into his eyes melted my heart. Adopting him was by far the best part of my 2020.”

dog inside cage

14. “Went from crouching in fear from anyone raising their voice to shamelessly begging for treats in less than a year.”

scared dog

15. “Joker dog was a bait dog for I don’t know how long. It amazes me from the moment I met him all he needed was love to heal.”

underweight dog

We can’t get over how much healthier and happier these precious dogs look! We’re so happy they found their perfect forever homes!

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