Double The Fun: These Cat Besties Have Us Falling Head Over Heels!

What’s better than having a cat? Having two cats, of course!

When you’re a cat person, there’s honestly no such thing as having too many felines. Everyone needs a friend, after all, even your average house cat! These social creatures often bond with one another, leading to some pretty cute pictures of them twinning.

1. “Two cats, one heart.”

2. “I think they are starting to get along.”

3. “The vet is SO scary!!”

4. “My black cat looks like my white cat’s shadow.”

5. “Got a second cat to keep the first one company while we were gone. This is the result….”

6. “Today, I adopted two 8-week-old kittens who are brothers. I originally applied for one but when I got the call about being accepted to adopt, I was asked if I wanted to adopt the brothers together because the people adopting his brother backed out. Meet Kingston and Derby!”

7. “The new cat taught the old cat to eat like this….”

8. “They’re always plotting.”

9. “I bought my cats child-sized camp chairs.”

10. “After a long and tiring day.”

11. “These cats love their ramen beds.”

12. “The committee against vacuum cleaners.”

13. “My parents didn’t want a cat, this stray and her baby decided otherwise. Obviously my parents now have two cats.”

14. “I posted in a thread about silly cats in my apartment’s community board that my cat won’t stop looking into my neighbor’s apartment. She replied with the most adorable photo I’ve ever seen.”

15. You did say you wanted to wash the windows today, right?

There you have it: Two cats are double the fun! These feline besties make us want to run to the nearest animal shelter to adopt a bonded pair.

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