15 Uplifting Stories To Drive Away All Your Gloom

a seven year old girl with alopecia wearing various colorful jewels on her bald head and a man and a woman peaking from behind a box with a question mark with a baby as a teenage boy smiles while standing inside the box along with a "1" and a "3" balloon

When life has you feeling down, it’s nice to be reminded of all the good things that are happening in the world.


Luckily, social media is full of people who are more than happy to spread some of their own joy with others online. From life-changing events all the way down to seemingly small moments that left a lasting impact, we’ve gathered some of our favorite uplifting stories from across the world for you to enjoy below!

1. What a joyous reunion!

“This man had to give up his dog to the Humane Society due to undergoing a lengthy hospital stay. One of the nurses found out and immediately went to the shelter to adopt his dog. She brings him to visit daily and will return him as soon as the man is well enough to go home.”

2. “Today, I am 6 months fully anorexia and bulimia free. Recovery IS possible!”

3. “Due to the extreme colds outside, Kütahya Air Force Training Brigade of Turkish Armed Forces built this barracks-room for street cats to stay in.”

4. “Lamont Thomas fostered, then adopted, these five siblings under the age of six to make sure they wouldn’t be split up. As a single parent, he has fostered or adopted nearly 40 kids over the years. It’s people like him who make America great.”

5. “This restaurant offers food for free if you can’t afford it.”

6. “I’m on call this Christmas, but my dad registered as a ‘student shadower’ so that he could spend part of the holiday with me.”

7. “Remember the old Turkish man who lost everything in fire but saved his kitten? People bought a new house for him and his three cats. They are so happy now!”

8. Such a wholesome moment he’ll never forget!

9. “This is Jax, 13 years old and can’t walk very far, so we got him a sled for our winter walks!”

10. “7-year-old does not let Alopecia stop her from celebrating her school’s ‘Crazy Hair Day'”

11. “A resident at the nursing home my husband works at drew him from memory.”

12. “This summer my 3 years old son was diagnosed a stage 4 abdominal cancer. After several chemo cures and a final surgery, the treatment is officially over since yesterday: no more cancerous cells in his body. As a father I’m so happy and proud of my little hero.”

13. “After 10 years of addiction, prisons, and rehabs, I finally have a career I’m proud of, a credit score, bought my first car at 30 years old, and have a place to live. It is possible to climb out of the hole!!”

14. “My son’s drawing of ‘safe.'”

15. “Had an ‘Adoption Reveal’ photo shoot for our newly adopted teen, complete with teenage eye rolls.”

a man and a woman peaking from behind a box with a question mark with a baby as a teenage boy smiles while standing inside the box along with a "1" and a "3" balloon

It can be easy to focus on the negativity in the world, so we appreciate the amazing people, like those in these stories, who take the time to share a little positivity instead. One story alone may not seem like much but, together, they have the power to change people’s lives for the better.

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