15 Breathtaking Photos That Prove Wisterias Are The Most Magical Trees

a two photo collage. the first features wisteria in white and purple. they hang over other flowers that are white, yellow, and pink. the second features a large, light pink wisteria tree with a woman standing underneath it. she’s looking up and is holding an umbrella above her head.

Now that spring is in full bloom, it’s the perfect time to admire the beauty of nature!

In Japan, that includes the ever-delightful wisteria trees. People from all around the world visit so they can appreciate these wondrous beauties. If you can’t book a flight to Japan, don’t worry – the Ashikaga Flower Park is happy to share tons of gorgeous photos for those who can’t make it in person. Keep scrolling to enjoy!

1. Japan is home to flora of all kinds, but wisteria has to be their most popular.

2. With photos like these, it’s easy to understand why!

3. When in full bloom, their vine flowers can extend 30 feet or longer.

4. When that happens, they often create a canopy of sorts, leaving those who walk through feeling enchanted.

5. Many of the photos shared of wisteria are purple, but there’s much more to these flowers than just one hue.

6. Wisteria can also be pale pink, white, and yellow.

7. No matter their color, one thing is for sure: They’re all breathtaking!

8. For those who want to admire them in person, the Ashikaga Flower Park is the perfect spot.

9. The best time to visit is between the middle of April and the middle of May: That’s when wisteria trees are in full bloom!

10. There are many beautiful trees and flowers to admire here, but the park’s most breathtaking wisteria has to be the one that’s over 150 years old.

11. In fact, it’s often referred to as “the most beautiful in the world.”

12. When in full bloom, its massive vine flowers create a delicate canopy that transports visitors to another world.

13. In addition to this iconic tree, the park features more than 350 different wisteria trees.

14. There’s even a wisteria tunnel for people to walk underneath!

15. In other words, a visit here is a truly magical experience!

We hope you enjoyed your virtual tour of this breathtaking botanical garden! These natural wonders are a great reminder of the beauty that surrounds us all, no matter how close or far away we are from a wisteria tree.

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