15 “Tiny Units” That Prove Good Things Do Come In Small Packages

baby goat wearing a sweater and standing a capybara's head and tiny hamster being held and that same hamster wearing a tiny coat

Animals of all sizes deserve all of the love, but there’s one corner of the Internet that’s dedicated solely to tiny units.

Contrary to an “absolute unit,” someone or something that is a “tiny unit” is just that – incredibly tiny. And in March 2019, the subreddit r/TinyUnits was created as a space for these tiny creatures, both real and not, to be appreciated. This friendly little community has countless posts, so we’ve compiled some of the most adorable images shared in the group for you to enjoy below!

1. The tiniest of toe-beans!

2. Adult hippos may be large, but this precious baby hippo is 100% a tiny unit.

3. These two cuties seem quite fawn’d of each other!

little girl excited by seeing a tiny deer

4. So smol. So snuggly.

5. If BB-8 from “Star Wars” and a bunny were combined…

6. Such a photogenic boy!

7. Wait… so this isn’t a scene from the live action “Lion King” movie?

8. This fancy gentleman is made to hold pencils, but he’s also an adorable friend.

9. This colorful little fellow was just one hour old when this photo was taken!

10. We could never get boar-ed of this precious baby!

11. When you live for being festive during the holidays, but your friends just aren’t as into it.

12. Only the best seat in the house for this sweet hummingbird!

13. These little buns make a lovely color palette!

14. A spikey blep!

15. He protec… but he also attac!

Social media is full of all kinds of great content, but this friendly subreddit community might be one of the cutest. And with over 80,000 members, there’s no telling how many more of these tiny units will be coming our way! Which one was your favorite?

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