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15 Times Something Completely Unexpected Popped Up In A Random Photo.

dog peeking out of someone's bag on elevator, orange cat blending in with orange floor

Have you ever been looking at a picture, when suddenly you notice an element hidden in the background that you never noticed before? If so, you’ve discovered a phenomenon the internet calls “when you see it.” This viral concept includes pictures of random objects or scenes with a hidden secret to be discovered by only the most attentive viewers. Each of the photos below have something subtle hidden in them. Can you spot them all?

It can be incredibly frustrating spotting the hidden details in these pictures, but don’t worry! We’ll give you a few hints so you don’t strain your eyes. The fun is in the finding, so have at it!

1. What looks like an ordinary basket of laundry is not what it seems. It’s actually the perfect hiding place for curious felines!

2. That awkward moment when your fandom pops up on live TV… engage!

3. Do you ever get the feeling that you’re being watched?

4. This officer worker last his wallet and had to cancel and replace all of his credit cards. A while later, he looked at his chair a little bit closer….

5. See ya’ later, alligator! Or, sometimes not at all.

6. This “Jurassic” moment is proof that the universe has a sense of humor.

7. No, that’s not a piglet! Look at his cute face just a bit closer.

8. This family took a photo inside the caves of Branson, Missouri. Two years later, they saw the tiny photobomber on dad’s shoulder!

9. Has anyone seen the cat? We can’t find him anywhere.

10. Believe it or not, there is a dog in this picture.

11. Are we sure that’s the ocean? It looks more like Loch Ness to us!

12. Peekaboo! It took us way too long to find this little guy!

13. This might be the toughest find yet. If this was real-life and not a photograph, we’d be lunch by the time we located the predator!

by u/princessegirl in whenyouseeit

14. Very sneaky, you are!

15. Last but not least, who else has never once noticed the hidden 8 in the card pattern?

How did you do? We hope you were able to discover all of the hidden gems of these pictures. We’ll definitely be looking at photographs a lot more closely now that we know what secrets they can hold.

You can find the sources for this article’s featured image here and here.

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