Man Sneaks Up Behind Coworker To Capture His Hilariously Enthusiastic “Billie Jean” Rendition.

A man lays on his stomach in a bathroom, working. He looks back, eyes wide, and is clearly startled.

There’s all sorts of ways to stay entertained during the workday, like listening to music. Then there are those who prefer to sing along. Of course, those of us who choose to do the latter tend to only do so when others aren’t around. Well, that’s the goal, anyway.


One day while working on a house, Scott Hews was welcomed by the sound of someone singing to “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson. Instantly, Scott realized that his co-worker had no idea anyone else was around. Wanting to capture the moment, and play a bit of a trick on him, Scott quietly approached as the young man continues to sing his heart out.

Lucky for Scott, the singing man’s work had him lying on his stomach, blissfully unaware that anyone was nearby. Scott allowed him to get through a few more lines before speaking up.

“You alright?” Scott said.

The young man was startled but quickly began to laugh so hard, it shook his whole body. We have a feeling Scott will never let him live this one down.

Watch this talented young man sing away in the video below.

@scotthews He didnt know i was back from another job #apprentice #son #mj #jump ♬ original sound – Scott Hews

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