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15 Times Animals Got Caught “Going Goblin Mode”

two-photo collage. on the left there is a picture of a black cat showing his lower front teeth. on the right there is a picture of a cat with what appears to be nacho cheese all over his face.

Somehow, animals always manage to look adorable without even trying.

Well, actually, forget about the “always.” After looking at some very interesting pictures, we would like to change the above statement to “most of the time.”

It is no secret that our beloved pets like to have fun, too, and sometimes a little bit too much fun. Thankfully for us, some of these pets’ families have caught them red-handed with a picture to prove their naughtiness.

But not only that, some of these families have captured the moment where their cute little fur babies look a little bit like they just came out from the latest horror movie.

You don’t believe us? See it for yourself in these scary but hilarious pictures below!

1. Doesn’t he know that toilet paper is SACRED after the COVID pandemic?

2. Well, I’m going to have to try this face mask at home, with a bag of tortilla chips on the side.

3. *Hypnotizing my mother to get an extra treat*

4. Wait, where’s my other egg? Oh… never mind. I found it.

5. Mushi is a WHOLE mood.

6. Oh, hi mom! I swear I don’t know who ate my food.

7. This is what we call “creative freedom.”

8. He clearly knows this situation means there’s no way out of a much-needed shower.

9. I told you I am vegetarian now! I can’t keep eating that beef food.

10. When you open the camera on your phone and realize it’s on selfie mode.

11. Momma, I’ve been a good boy. I promise.

12. Some dogs are just very into gardening! (But not the cleaning part.)

13. What do you mean I can’t climb the Christmas tree? Say that again one. more. time.

14. “It wasn’t me mom! The window button got stuck.”

15. “Dobby is supposed to be a free elf! Let me go!”

We hope you enjoyed these adorable (but at times scary) pictures of animals caught red-handed.

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