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15 Stunningly Revamped Spaces That Give Us All The Décor Inspo We Need

a two-photo collage. the first is a small space next to a table with a tv on it. in the space is a dog bed with a pillow and stuffed animal. on the bed is a large dog. above the bed is a small, black shelf with two different plants and a small candle. the second is a small hall closet turned into a tiny office with a floating shelf, a yellow chair, an blue, yellow, and white accent wall, and two wall shelves. there's a painting on the left wall, a laptop on the desk, and a lit up sign that reads "the tiniest office."

Nothing says “welcome home” like adding personal touches to your humble abode – actually making those changes, however, can be intimidating, especially if you’re not feeling inspired.

That’s where the Internet comes in! With subreddits like Home Decorating Ideas, you can find all the inspiration your heart desires. Keep scrolling to see some of our favorites! Even if you don’t plan on changing up your décor anytime soon, these photos are awe-inspiring, nonetheless.

1. “Didn’t know what to do with this space between the kitchen and dining room to separate the rooms so decided to make it a breakfast bar. Very little DIY skills at this point also.”

an unfinished space between a kitchen and dining room.

2. “I recently finished my laundry room makeover! Doing all of this myself, I am so proud of how everything turned out!”

a laundry room with white walls, a washer and dryer, a small sink, and various cleaning products around the sink.

3. “Can’t do much at my apartments but decided to cozy up our dog’s ‘bedroom'”

4. “Not sure if this counts as home decorating. Our garage is the only part of our house you can see from the street so we commissioned an artist to paint a mural, we love it.”

5. “My son’s Vintage Disney Nursery – I found these 70s Disney vinyl records from the Thriftshop and the frames are from Ikea.”

6. “Wanted to share my pink ceiling lamp that I thrifted for $9.99. P.S. still on the hunt for a rug.”

7. It’s a stairwell with a mountain view!

8. “Military housing made cozy.”

9. “I hand painted a mural in my dining room. I find painting very relaxing, and now have three different murals in my home.”

10. Who else would love to spend a day in this cozy reading corner?

11. “Just Completed – A micro office I created from a really junky hall closet.”

12. “The difference a bit of paint can make.”

view of two large front doors with glass windows from a staircase. the doors are painted a dark red. the trim around windows above the doors are also red. the staircase railing is red and yellow.

13. It’s amazing what can be done to a small patio while on a budget!

14. This DIY kitchen makeover took 2 weeks of hard work… and it was certainly worth it!

an outdated kitchen with yellow cabinets, off-white subway tile counter, and an old, black and white stove.

15. “I moved in with my boyfriend a year ago. The place has changed a little.”

a dimly lit living room with a couch and love seat with matching, dark grey covers. there's a black chair to the side with paper towels placed on it. there's a black coffee table with stuff on it.

Raise your hand if you’re already clearing your schedule to revamp your entire living space! Just us? In any case, these décor ideas show that no matter how big or small the project, adding even the smallest personal touches can change the entire room and make it more “you.”

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