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15 Nosy Pups Whose Spy Game Is On Point

Living with a dog or two means never being alone. Ever.

Sometimes it seems like our pups just have to know what we’re doing every second of the day. Their natural curiosity and ability to be the perfect companions have combined to make them just a tiny bit nosy. Even when we think they’re minding their own business, chances are, they’re still covertly keeping tabs on us!

1. This little dog found the perfect way to spy on the neighbors.

2. “Sometimes you just know you’re being watched…”

3. Proud members of the neighborhood watch.

4. This new puppy would prefer to quietly study his surroundings, thank you very much.

5. “Well? The TV isn’t going to turn itself on.”

6. “My neighbor’s husky likes to use the cat door to see what’s going on in the garage.”

7. Owner still in bed. Commence loud tail-thumping until they get up.

8. Who’s ready for a little swim?

9. “Took a picture of my new deck, then I noticed a spy.”

10. “Noticed this outside my house. Am I under surveillance?

11. “Neighbors adopted a dog, so my dad cut holes in the fence.”

12. “I told him to stop begging and go away while I’m eating. Thirty seconds later, I look down to see this…”

13. “He thinks I can’t see him.”

14. “Sir, why is your carry-on barking?”

15. “Ted wanted French fries at the bar.”

Nothing gets by these snooping dogs, that’s for sure! Somebody sign them up to work for the CIA because their slyness knows no bounds. In spite of all the privacy they’re invading, we have to admit we feel better just knowing they’re keeping an eye on us.

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