15 Social Media Posts That Made Us Smile In 2 Seconds Or Less

dog helping friend at vet, police serving elderly woman dinner

Sometimes on the internet, pictures really are “worth a thousand words.”


Certain images uploaded to social media evoke strong emotions in just a few moments. When paired with a single sentence of explanation, readers get a full “2-second story” with the power to brighten even the darkest day. Here are a few posts that put a smile on our faces in less time than it takes to brew a cup of coffee.

1. “I’d been giving my new neighbor’s dogs treats and scratches every morning when I headed out to work… this is my kitchen window when I woke up on my first day off.”

2. “An 87-year-old woman called the police emergency number in Florence, Italy, saying she was alone and hungry. This was the result.”

3. This woman is very happy with how her “Dumbledore’s Bookshelf” quilt turned out. We would be, too!

4. “I am a Big Brother with Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Here is the first day I met my little brother and the day he served as my best man 6 years later.”

5. “My daughter is obsessed with Halloween. We bought her a skeleton costume for her birthday and she insisted on putting it on immediately, with a birthday hat lol.”

6. “Whenever we foster a singleton kitten, our dog becomes foster mama.”

7. “Enjoying a beautiful hike after finding out that there is no more stage 4 colon cancer in my body!!!”

8. “I DON’T NEED THIS ANYMORE!! After 16 surgeries to fix a birth defect and years in a wheelchair I’ve finally been cleared to start walking! I’m not very good at it yet, it’s painful, and can’t go far distances but I CAN WALK!”

9. “This veterinarian has a comfort-dog assistant that helps sick patients know that everything will be alright.”

10. “After years of tooth pain and hiding my smile, I got dentures!”

11. “The guy who does the grass for my building left a rectangle of wild flowers so the bees can use them.”

12. “My best friend’s ‘Not Engagement’ announcements I just got in the mail.”

13. “Lost 200 pounds during COVID. Today I completed a half marathon.”

14. “Rejected from police training for being ‘too friendly.'”

15. “The house was way too quiet for a little while yesterday while the foster kittens were out having playtime and my boyfriend was supposed to be watching them. I walked into the living room and found everyone like this.”

Talk about “good vibes!” These 2-second stories remind us that there’s so much good in the world!

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