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15 Snuggle-Worthy Animals Being Their Best Goofball Selves

As majestic as they can be at times, animals can look like giant derps at other times!

The Instagram account thesnuggleisrl shares lots of pictures of animals busted looking goofy, and it’s a fun place to let your mind relax and have a few laughs. We just can’t get enough of these animal friends caught in strange or unusual situations. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of goofy animal pics on the internet.

1. This rooster’s sporting some extremely stylish sandals.

2. What? Haven’t you ever seen a lizard prom picture before?

3. Two out of three corgis enjoyed a day on the water. Can you guess which one did not?

4. They’re definitely binge-watching Animal Planet.

5. “I was just popping in to say hi, but now I might be stuck. Yup… definitely stuck.”

6. Ding dong, company’s coming!

7. All hail the meerkat heat lamp.

8. You know the truck driver shortage is real when they hire this guy.

9. When your cheek pockets are full, but you’re determined to fit it all in….

10. If we know anything about tortoises, it’s that they may move slowly, but they’ll still ruin your freshly-paved sidewalk the first chance they get.

11. “No, you don’t look goofy at all. You look totally dashing. Regal, even.”

12. Being this cute must be exhausting. (See what we did there?)

13. Just a couple of goats doing what goats do.

14. Saddle up, pardner, and remember that we’re only allowed to bring essentials.

15. You weren’t going to eat that entire pizza, were you?

How cute are these goofy animals? We just love seeing them letting their inner craziness shine!

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