Think Cats Are Mean? These 20 Will Prove You Wrong

Cats often get a bad rap on the Internet.


While felines are known for being much more aloof and independent (and mean) than their canine counterparts, many of them are sweet, affectionate companions. Here are 20 of the friendliest, most helpful kitties that will remind the cat-haters of the world they’re not all bad.

1. A man woke up from a nightmare to find this sweet boy holding his hand.


2. This awesome animal makes sure their human gets plenty of love!

This cat walks with this elderly woman every day and waits for her to catch up from AnimalsBeingBros

3. This farm cat watches over the chickens, and takes her job very seriously!


4. The little one loves to cuddle with his bearded dragon friend.


5. Bulldog is afraid of thunder, so his kitty pal waits out the storm with him.


6. Anyone need a hand? Or should we say paw!

Kitty helping out with scritches from AnimalsBeingBros

7. After a dog friend had surgery, this cat never left her side.


8. When beagle loses her brother, cat steps in to comfort her.

She lost her beagle brother a few months ago. Her cat brother takes care of her. from AnimalsBeingBros

9. These two pals share a fondness for heat lamps.


10. “My rabbit is 10 years old and has trouble cleaning himself now. Colby stepped up to the plate.”


11. This cat became his owner’s massage therapist.

Cat being massage therapist from AnimalsBeingBros

12. “Every day my uncle’s cat waits at the end of the driveway for him to return from his morning walk.”


13. Kitty loves to “babysit” his human sibling.


14. This cat is always there to hold his owner’s hand when he’s feeling down.


15. This clever kitty helped his owner get inside after he forgot his keys.

When you forgot your keys from AnimalsBeingBros

16. Cat-bro keeps his dog friend’s ears nice and clean.


17. Adorable cat snuggles with dog after a traumatic trip to the vet.


18. Cat breaks into zoo enclosure to make friends with a lonely lynx.

Chonk breaks into zoo, befriends a lynx from AnimalsBeingBros

19. Older doggo that was upset by the neighbor’s fireworks receives comfort from family’s new kitten.


20. Helpful kitty has the perfect-sized paws to save a lost ring.

Cat retrieves owners ring from AnimalsBeingBros

See how nice cats can be? We hope this story reminded everyone how wonderful these furry feline friends are!

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