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15 Signs That These “Cat Traps” Are Working Purrfectly

cat sleeping inside open drawer and cat lying down in hangers in closet

There’s a good reason why the internet is obsessed with the expression, “If I fits, I sits!”

This phrase is often used when a cat squeezes itself into a space that’s barely large enough to contain him, like an empty box or an open drawer. Basically, any small area that is off-limits becomes a “cat trap” for curious felines, which is why the Reddit forum TheCatTrapIsWorking exists.

1. On this subreddit, people share ways they inadvertently made a “cat trap” that was all too effective.

2. There aren’t many tricks to creating cat traps, but a good rule of thumb is cats can’t resist a nice warm spot. Even if that warm spot happens to be your dinner.

3. Sometimes, people intentionally put out a trap hoping their cats will oblige. This person had to wait for days for their cat to take the bait.

4. Others just happened to be walking by when they spotted their trapped cat.

5. Weirdly, cats love sitting on small square objects. This guy can’t resist a nice folded dish towel.

6. A child left this cat trap out after playing with toys, and it didn’t take long for the cats to discover it.

7. “For some reason, this particular bag of groceries was heavier than the rest.”

8. What an interesting fish!

9. Can you spot the history buff?

10. “Took out a drawer to clean it up, cats think it’s their new cat bed. I guess this trap is working….”

11. He forgot one little thing….

12. The line for this trap forms to the right.

13. That’s it; we can never close this drawer again.

14. Finally, a trap big enough to catch this King.

15. This may not be a typical cat trap, but you can’t argue with the results!

Who knew cat traps were so easy to make? Just toss out a cardboard box and wait for the fun to begin!

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