Zookeeper Shares Pics Of His Animal Friends And They’re Sure To Brighten Your Day.

What the world needs now is more pictures of cute animals, and this friendly neighborhood zookeeper has the goods!

Chad Staples of Sydney, Australia, oversees the day-to-day operations of both Mogo Wildlife Park, a collection of endangered species from all over, and Featherdale Wildlife Park, the largest collection of Australian animals in the world. He updates his social media pages with gorgeous glimpses of these wildlife preserves, sharing his obvious love of animals with anyone who needs a break from the daily news cycle. And really, don’t we all?

1. “I just love how small and insignificant you feel standing in the presence of such a spectacular animal.”


2. “Such a privilege to have been present to welcome this gorgeous baby into the world, but for then both mum and bub to come and interact virtually as soon as he could stand still has me lost for words.”

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3. “This has to be one of those photos you save and then pull out whenever you have a bad day/week/month/year because as long as there are baby koalas in the world then everything will be OK.”

4. “What an experience, such an amazing place… everyone needs to come to Mogo.”

5. “Anyone who knows frogs knows there is NO personal space.”

6. “Just when you think quokkas can’t get any cuter.”

7. “Our second litter of tiger quoll babies are growing so quick. The female is now leaving them in her den when she comes out to feed which gave me just enough time to count and sex them this morning.”

8. “As our (dingo) puppies start venturing out for all our visitors to see, a very proud and watchful father ‘Bear’ is always making sure everyone is safe.”

9. “What a beautiful smile Phoenix has.”

10. “Just making sure everyone is aware it’s #worldlemurday.”

11. “Hard to imagine how big and powerful this little paw is going to get.”

12. “Now that’s a kissable nose.”

13. “I just can’t get enough of all the different eyes in nature.”

14. “So exciting to watch this little one grow and even more exciting that this will be the very first brush-tailed rock-wallaby norm at Featherdale to return to the wild.”

We feel better already, don’t you? Thank you, Chris, for letting us into your world with these behind-the-scene shots.

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