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15 Receipts With Hidden Messages So Funny, We’re Double Checking Ours ASAP

funny receipt messages: my grandfather had heart of lion, and a lifetime ban at the zoo," and "you had a wonderful time. We were very charming."

If you’ve ever worked a job with a cash register, you’re probably aware of a little feature that allows you to add a message to the bottom of customers’ receipts. Usually, shops and restaurants add something generic, like “Have a nice day” or “Come again.” But sometimes, businesses or employees use this opportunity to add a little levity to the end of service. Because turns out, there are lots of ways to make receipts fun. Here are 15 examples of employees proving this to be true.

1. No meal is complete without a “dad joke” to round it out.

receipt message that says "What did the nut say when it was chasin the other nut? I will cashew."

Buh dum CHING!

2. “Ever have that feeling where you’re not sure if you’re awake or dreaming?”

receipt that says "Wake up Neo. the Matrix has you."

So we think it’s a joke, but what if it isn’t …?

3. Dinner and a Taco Cat? Looks like we have a new favorite restaurant.

Receipt that, at the bottom, has symbols made to look like a cat. Next to the cat, vertically, is the word "taco"

The artwork is impressive.

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