15 Receipts With Hidden Messages So Funny, We’re Double Checking Ours ASAP

funny receipt messages: my grandfather had heart of lion, and a lifetime ban at the zoo," and "you had a wonderful time. We were very charming."

If you’ve ever worked a job with a cash register, you’re probably aware of a little feature that allows you to add a message to the bottom of customers’ receipts.


Usually, shops and restaurants add something generic, like “have a nice day” or “come again.” But sometimes, businesses or employees use this opportunity to add a little levity to the end of service. Because, turns out, there are lots of ways to make receipts fun. Here are 15 examples of employees proving this to be true.

1. No meal is complete without a “dad joke” to round it out.

2. “Ever have that feeling where you’re not sure if you’re awake or dreaming?”

3. Dinner and a Taco Cat? Looks like we have a new favorite restaurant.

4. This receipt comes with a faint whiff of desperation.

5. How long is a lightsaber in Earth days, again?

6. Do they charge for poorly-behaved kids?

7. There’s no extra charge for the love at this restaurant, but it’s not very filling.

8. This place offers parenting tips! Yes, they’re highly questionable tips, but still.

9. If there was ever a great opportunity for a Mitch Hedberg quote, this is it.

10. This may be an old joke, but they win points for placement.

11. Something tells us these three items are the most popular things in their “lost and found.”

12. This place is using some sort of reverse psychology on us, and we aren’t even mad.

13. We honestly can’t even argue with them.

14. Is there any situation where a Rick Roll isn’t appropriate? We think not.

15. Uh oh, this employee has figured out they can write anything there and no one will notice. Danger!

We don’t know about you, but we’ll definitely be checking our receipts a lot closer now that we know these messages exist!

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