15 Pun-Tastic Signs Created By An Empty-Nester With Dad Jokes To Spare

Punny dad humor signs

Some jokes are simply too good to keep to yourself!


Vince Rozmiarek raised three children before retiring to the tiny town of Indian Hills, Colorado, where he started volunteering at the local community center. A few years later, he wrote an April Fool’s Day joke on the community sign that hangs on the road entering town.

The citizens of the town loved it, sparking an idea in the man who admits to having a lot of free time on his hands these days. He started writing new puns for the sign regularly, swapping them out about two or three times each week. He never repeats his jokes and takes great pleasure in his new identity of “Vince the Sign Guy.”

“It’s a labor of love and I enjoy making people smile,” Vince said. “Also, because I’m constantly looking for new material, it keeps me in a good mood cause I’m always looking and creating funny stuff.”

1. As for where he comes up with the ideas for his jokes, Vince said, “I’m a dad, so it comes naturally.”

2. People now come from miles around to take pictures of Vince’s signs.

3. Many people like posing with them. It’s quite a tourist attraction!

4. The jokes are designed to make you laugh, but groans are acceptable as well.

5. The punnier the humor, the better.

6. Vince says his favorite joke is one he wrote a few years ago.

7. It goes like this: “Cows have hooves because they lactose.”

8. Go ahead and roll your eyes… we sure did!

9. Vince’s Indian Hills Community Sign Facebook page currently has over 162,000 followers.

10. His signs often go viral, even all these years after he got started.

11. He has even started selling calendars featuring pictures of his signs.

12. The success of his dad puns has been an unexpected pleasure for Vince.

13. As an empty nester, he’s happy to be sharing his dad jokes with even more people.

14. When your only goal is to make people smile (or groan!), you’ve got a pretty good “job.”

15. We hope Vince never quits!

We’re not entirely sure where Indian Creek is, but we are definitely swinging through town on our next trip to Colorado!

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