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15 Precious Pets Who’ve Finally Found Their Fur-ever Homes

a two-photo collage. the first is of a man wearing sunglasses looking down at the dog he's holding who looks very comfortable. the second is a closeup of a cat smiling as he sleeps in someone's arms.

There’s nothing quite like the moment when an animal finally finds their forever home!

Those that have endured tough circumstances may be cautious of their new human parents at first, but there’s no denying the life-changing moment when this realization sinks in: I’m finally safe and free to relax! Keep scrolling to see some of the most adorable pups and kitties who can happily say they’ve finally found their forever homes.

1. “I rescued Fred from the middle of a rainy highway. Thank you universe for letting me be in that exact place and time!”

a kitten named fred being held after being rescued in the middle of a rainy highway.

2. “Just got my first doggo at the age of 57 – already smitten.”

3. “This is Vienna; I brought her home from the shelter about a week ago. She’s between 10-12 years old and was surrendered by a previous owner. The shelter told me she kept getting passed up because of her age, and I just couldn’t leave her there. I already love her so much it hurts.”

4. “My gf and I adopted this sweet boy today. He immediately climbed on me and gave me face rubs.”

5. “Three newborns were found on Friday in an empty dog food bag. Who needs a baby when you can raise 3 puppies? My life currently revolves around snuggles, sleep, milk, and an insane amount of poop!”

6. “We adopted Mango 3 weeks ago. This is how she sleeps on her dad.”

7. “First night home after being adopted.”

8. “Adoption saves lives! Look at his face!”

9. “Went for a walk and this guy was just sitting there. Gave him some food and he followed me home.”

10. “This sweet lady is Poppy. She’s 12 years old and we have adopted her as her previous owner passed. She’s settled really quickly.”

11. “After loosing my buddy of 16 years a month ago, we found these lil guys in the street.”

12. “After being bounced for the first 9 months of his life Griffin is home.”

13. “I found this cat after the fire. A rocket hit a house near me (I live in Ukraine), and this cat must have been there because his fur is burnt and he has problems with his paw. I am now looking for his owners. Vet clinics do not work (do not write me about them)I take care of him, now he looks better.”

14. “Does my stray kitty look happy with his new home?”

15. “I made the greatest decision, I adopted a terminal dog! I can’t imagine a better way to honor my old dogs. Welcome to your new life Cream Puff! Prepare for a pampered rest of your life!”

a woman smiling as she holds an old dog named cream puff.

What sweethearts! We wish they didn’t have to go through so much, but we’re so relieved that they were able to find kind humans who are more than happy to give them the kind of life the deserve.

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