15 Photos Of The Roundest Ball Of Fluff To Ever Call Herself A Dog

Mohu the round dog

There are very few perfect spheres in nature, much less spheres that will come running for a treat.

A woman named Nanae lives in Osaka, Japan with her dog, a toy poodle she calls Mohu. Mohu has recently become a big hit on the internet thanks to her perfectly round body and groomed style. Nanae trims her mass of fluffy curls into a sphere so delightfully round, the dog resembles a walking poof of grey cloud.

1. Mohu’s Instagram and TikTok channels have thousands of fans. Her most popular TikTok video has been viewed more than 4.6 million times!

2. Some of her videos provide a glimpse into what it takes to groom a round cloud like Mohu. This video has racked up well over 3 million views so far.

3. Nanae says, “Her personality is mature and slow paced.”

4. She’s well-trained, always waiting for permission to gobble down her treat.

5. You can really appreciate Mohu’s roundness in this video.

6. Her fetch game could use some work, but she sure looks cute trying!

7. Merry Christmas from Mohu the round gal.

8. If there’s no one to play with her, she’ll do it herself.

9. Grrr… get ’em, tough girl!

10. Now she’s getting the hang of this “fetch” thing.

11. She may look rotund, but it’s all fluff! This video proves she’s actually capable of squeezing into the tightest of spaces.

12. Have you ever seen someone walking a floof on a leash before?

13. Are there springs hiding under all that fur?

14. Look, it’s a floof on a poof!


シャンプーした次の日、もう顔がチリってきたちろ🦭 #犬 #トイプードル #トイプー #狗 #いぬのいる暮らし

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15. She looks like a pile of fluff when she sleeps. An adorable pile of fluff!

We can see why Mohu has gained such a huge following online! What a cutie.

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