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15 Pets Bearing Gifts For Their Owners, Whether They Want Them Or Not

cat brings owner chicken wing, dog brings welcome mat

Has your dog or cat ever brought you a gift that made you scratch your head?

Sure, it’s really sweet of them to think of us, but… why? Whether your pet brings us slippers, a favorite toy, or something even more inexplicable, we’ve got to love their attempt to make us smile. Here are 15 cuties who went out of their way to show their love, even if their choice of objects is questionable.

1. Who wouldn’t want a delicious tennis ball plunked into their morning Joe?

2. “This cat we used to feed gave birth a few days ago and today she brought this little fella to our doorstep.”

3. “He hates wearing this hat, but he brings it to me each time he sees I’m sad because it makes me laugh when he wears it.”

4. This resourceful kitty drags up every sock she can find in the basement to the third floor, where her human is working.

5. Somebody got busted bringing home yet another yummy, crinkly dried leaf.

6. We aren’t even mad that he dug up the daffodils. Not even a little bit!

7. The “it’s still warm” part kills us! He looks so proud.

8. Look at how pleased he is with his catch!

9. If there’s a better way to say “welcome” than by dragging out the welcome mat, we haven’t seen it.

10. The cat is real. The snake, thankfully, is not.

11. She put her favorite toy on top of the packed suitcase… so you wouldn’t forget her. (Now we’re sobbing)

12. “My girl brought me a pencil while I was drawing. Looking super cute while doing it too.”

13. Stop whatever you’re doing and give this dog some love!

14. For the past 7 years, this cat has brought home a flower. Where’s he getting them all? No one knows.

15. “I threw her a stick and in return she brought me a railroad beam. Sometimes she finds potatoes. She’s my best friend.”

So many good boys and girls, so little time. These sweet animals are so generous, and after all, it’s the thought that counts!

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