15 People Who Went Above And Beyond To Pet-Proof Their Christmas Trees

There’s no denying that pets make life more fun, but sometimes, let’s face it, they can also make things difficult.


If you’ve ever celebrated the holiday season with an animal in the house, you have probably experienced the soul-rattling sound of your Christmas tree crashing to the floor at 2 a.m. Many cats and dogs simply can’t resist the allure of that mysterious fir tree in your living room, but that doesn’t mean their parents are about to take the fight lying down!

1. Take that! Out of reach, out of mind?

2. You shall not pass!

3. If you can’t crate the pet, crate the tree.

4. Remember that year when the cat became the star of the show?

5. Tree? What tree? I don’t see any tree in here.

6. That ornament is so lifelike!

7. Whatever works!

8. Maybe we’ll just skip the lights and ornaments this year.

9. You know you have a big dog when you have to barricade your Christmas tree.

10. It turns out that plastic wrap is a totally overlooked form of decoration.

11. Just put the tree in the one place the cat refuses to go. Problem solved!

12. The dog’s guilty face tells you why they opted for this floating… thing.

13. “We shall defend you to the very end!” -the vacuum cleaners

14. “And the award for best vacuum cleaner tree stand goes to…”

15. Why fight it? If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

It’s a good thing these fuzzy little troublemakers are cute, right? We would put up with so much more just to have them around, but please don’t tell them we said that. They already rule the roost as it is!

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