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15 “Out Of Context” Cat Photos That Have Us Cracking Up

There’s no shortage of awesome cat pictures on the internet, but usually they come with a backstory of some sort.

On the “Out of Context Cats” social media pages, however, there’s no story whatsoever. The images simply feature felines doing feline things, but they don’t even try to make sense of them. They’re often strange and unexplainable, which makes them irresistibly amusing.

1. There’s this cat, who is not a fan of bananas.

2. And this little chonker just letting it all hang out.

3. He looks like he’s about to give someone his specialty: a knuckle sandwich!

4. “Are you mocking me? Because I feel like you’re mocking me.”

5. That’s either a really big bottle or a really small kitten. Or maybe it’s both?

6. When the yogurt is just that good.

7. Smooches make us happy, too.

8. Just helping himself to a teensy piece of cheese. You don’t mind, do you?

9. It can’t be easy to use a fishing rod when you don’t have thumbs, but she’s crushing it!

10. They sure have some fancy waiters at this restaurant.

11. Do you need a little help there, pal?

12. To think, our cat has been giving hisses and scratches away for free all this time.

13. Remember, a watched pot never boils! But let’s keep an eye on that pizza baking just in case.

14. This cat is living the good life in his chic bathtub for one.

15. “I’ve selected my seat for the feast, human. You may serve me now.”

These goofy cats make us laugh even when we have no idea what they’re up to! Sometimes context is overrated. Perhaps these pictures are better because we have to use our imagination!

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