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15 Online Mirror Ads That Reflect A Little More Chaos Than Intended

man holding mirror up with woman's body reflected, boy popping head into mom's mirror picture.

Being able to sell your unwanted or unneeded items online is one of the best parts of the internet. We used to have to clean up our stuff, take it somewhere to be sold, and sometimes even pay an intermediary to make the final sale. Now, just snap a photo on your cell phone, make a few clicks of the mouse, and voila! You’re officially an online seller.

Sometimes, however, that simple cell phone picture doesn’t go as planned. Sometimes, especially when selling mirrors and other objects with reflective surfaces, the buyer accidentally gets an all-too intimate glimpse into the seller’s life. A Twitter user noticed this funny trend, and his post about it went viral. It turns out, lots of people love getting a peek behind the curtain as bumbling mirror sellers attempt to photograph their wares!

1. Many other people offered up their own internet finds, like this guy (and his wife) trying to offload a gilded mirror.

2. There’s now a popular Reddit page devoted to pictures of funny online mirror sales.

3. Many of these pictures originate from Facebook Marketplace, like this intense chap trying to sell a makeup mirror.

4. There was an attempt… to hide his identity. Thwarted by mirrors once again!

5. Step through the gates to visit Grandma-Land.

6. We’ll take it! (The dog, not the mirror.)

7. Technically he’s selling a shirt, but the shirt appears to have sprouted some limbs.

8. Boo! They had us there for a minute.

9. Step one: hold iPad upside down. Step two: never mind, step one is enough.

10. You know you’ve got a teenage son when your mirror sale picture comes out like this.

11. Mom says hi!

12. “Take me to your leader!”

13. Even the cat looks a little freaked out.

14. That’s the same face we make when we’re concentrating, too.

15. Is that a mirror, or a portal to a very macho dimension?

Let’s all keep this trend in mind next time we want to sell something online! Check your backgrounds, folks. Always!

You can find the sources for this article’s featured image here and here!

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