Costco’s Cake Ordering System Baffles Woman, Twitter Says “If It Ain’t Broke…”

For true fans, there are a few finite rules about Costco. First, there’s no better meal deal than the $1.50 hot dog and soda combo, which hasn’t had a single price increase since its inception in 1985. Second, everything’s better when it’s bought in bulk. Third, and most importantly, you never, ever, ever speak ill of Costco!


There’s something about the big box warehouse that instills intense loyalty in their clientele. Writer Lucy Huber learned just how devout Costco’s customers are when she dared poke fun at their bakery’s seemingly antiquated cake ordering system. All she did was tweet about “living in 1802” while placing an order, and suddenly thousands of Costco stans showed up ready to defend the Mother Ship. Here’s a sampling of their hilarious conversation.

1. It turns out, the hot dog meal price isn’t the only thing that hasn’t changed over the past few decades. Their cake ordering system involves writing your order down and sticking it in a box, then walking away.

“Oh also when I called I had to call the main office bc there was no number listed for the bakery and they told me ‘the bakery has no phone,'” she continued. “Truly living in 1802 right now.”

2. This tweet must have triggered some sort of Costco Bat Signal, because the store’s devotees were there in a flash.

3. Many people have used the box system successfully and urged Lucy to have faith.

4. Seriously, Lucy – put your trust in Costco.

5. The hot dog meal is the stuff of legends. It set the “awesome” bar very high!

6. Besides, the system may be old, but it still works.

7. Even if it is rather nerve-racking.

8. Many people asked where else you can buy a delicious cake that feeds 50 people for just $25. Where else, indeed?

9. Everyone agrees, the cakes taste amazing, the box system works, and there’s really no reason to complain about Costco. Ever!

10. Lots of people also pointed to the company’s reputation as an employer, which is stellar.

11. The proof is in the pudding! Or cake, as the case may be.

Okay, we’re convinced. We’ll happily put our order in an unattended box if it means cheap, yummy cake delivered to our mouths. Many people tweeted Lucy, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and we agree!

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