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15 Oddly Specific Signs That Leave Very Little Doubt About What Happened Here

When something keeps happening and you need to make it stop, putting up a sign can do the trick.

In other words, behind every sign, there’s a story. There are times when we can take one look at oddly specific signage and know exactly what motivated them to put it up. These signs spell out the truth of the situation, which is often way funnier than it has any business being. Let’s read between the lines for these signs spotted out in the wild, shall we?

1. Clearly this wall has a history of jumping out and hitting people. Bad wall!

2. We’d love to see the security footage of the person who discovered that alcohol and fire don’t mix, in church or otherwise.

3. On the bright side, at least they’re washing their hands?

4. How brave are you feeling today? Out-run-a-bull brave?

5. It’s not this cat’s first rodeo.

6. Who are you going to believe, your GPS or this tree?

7. Nobody wants your sweaty sock money.

8. Plot twist: There is no squirrel, they’re just messing with Keith by yelling, “Not a squirrel!” all day long.

9. Outdoor dining is great, except for all that outdoorsy stuff.

10. The truth hurts, eh kitties?

11. You think you can handle level 5? Think again!

12. Something tells us they’ve been sued before. Oh yes, it’s the sign. The sign told us.

13. At least they said something! This could be mortifying.

14. Effective and funny! We give this sign a 10/10.

15. Simple, yet effective: See horn, but no toot horn. Keep walking.

Are you picking up what these signs are putting down? We sure are. In short, be a good human and don’t make them put up a sign after you leave!

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