15 Mesmerizing Sounds We Could Listen To On Repeat

The world is full of all sorts of interesting and beautiful sounds. In fact, many are so special that we just can’t stop listening to them.

For some people, certain noises can create an autonomous sensory meridian response, also known as ASMR. Essentially, this means their brains enjoy a sound so much that it gives them a tingly feeling that can start at the scalp and move down the spine. That’s why we’ve gathered 15 videos to show off some of the coolest sounds out there. Whether you get ASMR chills or not, they’re just so deeply satisfying!

1. The only thing better than perfectly cleaning up a mess is watching someone else do it.

2. Nothing can compare to the sweet sound of a baby laughing.

3. If you listen closely, it sounds like a “Star Wars” movie is playing beneath this frozen lake!

4. Videos like this make it possible to cozy up with a good book by a roaring fire all year round.

5. Fun fact: Shoebill storks make noises that are both strange and cool!

6. The sound of this woman’s arrow soaring through the air is beautiful.

7. When this man throws a sawmill blade into the air, it creates an indescribable sound!

8. Cat lover or not, your heart will melt over this precious kitty purring.

9. There are all kinds of rain videos online, but this one might be the most relaxing.

10. This adorable little seal makes surprisingly human noises!

11. It turns out the sound of a golf ball hitting 2-inch thick ice creates a cool, echoing sound.

12. There’s something calming about the call of a loon.

13. You never want to drop a screw into a turbine engine, but it’s almost tempting when it creates such delightful music.

14. If you close your eyes, it almost feels like there are actual horses passing by!

15. This “cardboard keyboard” was literally made to sound satisfying, and it 100 percent works.

So many beautiful, strange sounds can be created in the world. We could definitely listen to these on repeat! Which one was your favorite?

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