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15 Men Who Embrace Their Inner Child Without Any Shame

little boy swinging on swingset with blue sky behind him

Everybody has to grow older, but there’s no reason we have to become boring adults!

On Reddit, u/Bret_Abderahmen asked the community what childish things grown men still do even though they’re now responsible adults. The resulting comments serve as a nice reassurance that many grown-ups with day jobs still find time to sneak some fun into their daily lives!

1. “Use the empty gift wrap tubes as a lightsaber,” said u/Uninvited_Goose.

2. “When ever I see hopscotch drawn on the ground I simply must jump it through,” said u/MeIsGollum.

3. “I like the ride the shopping cart back to my car when I leave a store,” u/Ok_Hat_7187 added.

4. “Talking to myself and making up dumb songs about what I’m doing,” u/dingbatyokel5000 contributed.

5. “Climbing trees,” said u/leKkitchen.

6. “I still enjoy swinging on swings and trying to get higher,” u/ocelotrevs wrote. “I was never brave enough to do big jumps off though, and I’m still not and I’ve done gymnastics and trampolining.”

7. “Lego,” u/TicTicBoom- said before adding, “Jumping up and touching the top of door ways like I’m dunking a basketball.”

8. “I used to hide behind walls and scare my wife, which works perfectly every time,” u/Raulgh27 admitted. “This always cheers me up more than anything.”

9. “Evaluating how good of a weapon a random stick is,” said MarcusLithouver.

10. “Still love getting truck drivers to do that with the universal symbol,” u/Mission_Detail4045 commented. “My sister was not too happy when I taught this to my nephew.”

11. “Love popping bubble wrap,” said u/imnotzen. “One bubble at a time, twisting it, stomping on it…”

12. “I go to the massive toy shop near me and be amazed at how cool toys are now compared to what they were like before,” someone else wrote.

13. “Building blanket and pillow forts,” said u/Ilunamie. “Gotta buy more blankets and sheets because I wanna go full Community College and have the fort go through the whole crib.”

14. “I only do this when kids aren’t around, but I love goofing off at a playground!” u/RevolutionaryRoe commented. “It’s fun to climb on everything and go down the slides. I wish they made things like that for adults (bigger slides, harder things to climb etc.)”

15. “Running up stairs on all four like some sort of stairclimbing machine!” said u/Disastrous-Sector972.

Long live the inner child! It’s wonderful to see that childlike spark of joy still remains for these men. What’s something childish that you’ll never give up?

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