“I’m About To Cry.” Community Rallies Around Kid Whose Scone Stand Was Stolen.

The challenges of being an entrepreneur can come with many highs and lows. For a 10-year-old budding business owner, an unfortunate event led to an outpouring of community support and even a boom in his business.


One weekend, David Hove of Toronto was selling homemade scones on his street. He thought of the idea as a way to make money to save up for a gaming system. He took a break from selling for a bathroom run and, when he returned, his scone stand was gone. Someone had stolen his table, a cooler, and even his water bottle. All that remained was the sign advertising his business. 

“I thought that these people are very crazy for taking other people’s stuff when they knew it was not for (them) to take,” David said.

David’s father, whose name is also David, was disappointed in the incident and rallied for the return of the stolen items.

“It pains my heart to see my kids going through this,” his father said. “They come up with the initiative to do something hard working for themselves, that gives them an income and it’s teaching them life lessons.”

Thankfully, this story gets better – the theft was caught on camera. And when local news picked up the story, the young businessman got an overwhelming amount of community support. Once people saw the story, many of them began to donate the stolen items, David told CTV News Toronto.

David also said that since the theft, even more people have stopped by to buy scones that were baked by his older sister. The best part? He finally got the gaming system he wanted!

An employee from Stadia Glass and Door surprised David with his very own Xbox, and he was overjoyed.

“I’m about to cry,” David shared, adding that the gift made him feel “so good.”

They’ve been so moved by the kindness from folks in their community, and Dad is grateful that something good was able to come from the situation.

“That shows him that there is more good than bad in the world,” Dad said. “And that’s a positive thing.”

David continues to sell scones on the side of his street and has no plans of stopping his business. In fact, his eyes are already set on the next thing he will save up for. When asked just what that is, he gave a big smile and said, “A car.”

It’s true what they say: When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. In this case, David is going to keep selling his scones and bake his way to a new set of wheels.

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