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15 Animals Who Had The Cutest Reactions To The “Kiss Your Pet” Challenge

Most pets are pretty used to their humans lavishing attention on them. That’s not to say that they enjoy it, but they have definitely learned to tolerate our clingy ways!

On TikTok, a user wanted to see if other people’s pets were as fed up with their unbidden affection as his cat was with his. He challenged everyone to surprise their besties with a kiss on the head and record their reactions, and the results are a goofy mixture of predictable and totally unexpected!

1. We can’t decide if this cat is pushing his dad away or showing him love.

2. But not all cats are grumpy! This kitty, who definitely looks like he could be a biter, turned out to be a sweetheart.

3. Unsurprisingly, most dogs didn’t have a problem with unsolicited affection. This corgi even smiled!

4. Not everyone has indoor pets (or pets at all), but that didn’t stop them from participating. Don’t try this at home, kids!

5. Some dogs were flat-out confused by the kiss, but after giving it some thought, they were into it.

6. It’s a good thing this woman has good instincts!

7. This person has the most snuggly pup ever.


we don’t deserve animals 🥺

♬ original sound – Mevon Dance

8. Watch how one little kiss turned his frown upside down.

9. She might have tolerated one or two kisses, but come on. Don’t get greedy!

10. This puppy isn’t sure what just happened, but he’s pretty sure he liked it.

11. And the award for “most subtle smile” goes to….

12. This woman is trying out the challenge with her… whatever this is. Cat? We’re going with cat.

13. Challenge denied!

14. “Do you still love me? OK, just checking.”

15. Last but not least…


i just need some personal space 🙄

♬ original sound – Mevon Dance

We can’t say we’re surprised the cats weren’t very into this challenge, but we still have an insatiable urge to try it anyway! Gotta run – we have pets that need surprise kisses!

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