15 Insanely Cute Animal Pictures You Should Drop Everything To Enjoy

When it comes to pictures of animals, we tend to like 'em goofy.

There's just no room for seriousness when it comes to our animal friends! Animals have an uncanny knack for making us smile, so why mess around with images that don't "spark joy?" If you feel the same way, you've come to the right place. Here are 15 more very important animal images that might not make sense, but they make us laugh. And that's enough.

1. Mind your fingers, ma'am. This fish means business.

fish getting handful of food

2. The job shadowing project is going great!

cop and goose pulling someone over

3. Just when we thought we understood Twitter, this happened.

bird sitting on cell phone that reads "there is literally a bird sitting on my phone as I tweet this. It's tweeting."

4. It's called a carry on. Look it up.

man with large collie dog in his backpack at the airport

5. "Hello, I'd like to order your largest cheese and cracker platter. Yes, the biggest one you've got. Thank you."

mouse answering tiny phone

6. "Does my new winter coat make me look bulky?"

fluffy penguin

7. Nothing false about this advertising.

cat sticking its head out of a box that has a cat face printed on the side

8. Be careful of him — he hangs out with a ruff crowd.

dog riding on motorcycle

9. Oh no! They've learned to work together. We're doomed!

cat giving another cat a boost

10. Michelangelo's first version of the Sistine Chapel ceiling wasn't quite what they were going for.

dog touching hand like Creation of Adam

11. Instructions unclear: My cone is now a hat.

cat wearing backwards cone on his head

12. This is my cat, Michael Bublé.

cat with bubble on face

13. "I went to the beach once. It was awful."

unimpressed dog on the beach

14. Dog: "I give it a 9.5. Would have been a 10 if you'd stuck the landing."

cat acting like gymnast with a dog in the background

15. We're not saying your dog looks like a potato, but.... We don't know how to finish that sentence.

dog and lookalike potato

What did we tell you? These animal images are so important, they should be required viewing! The world would definitely be a happier place if we all took ourselves (and our animal companions) a little less seriously. Life's too short — don't forget to laugh!

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