15 Homes That Have Been Keeping Secrets For More Than A Century

Taking on an old home is not for the faint of heart, but it can be an incredibly rewarding experience for people with the right set of skills.


Houses that are older than 100 years, or “century homes,” are literally filled with history. Everything from the door knobs to the walls themselves are relics from a different era, and homeowners never know what kind of treasure they might find next. On Reddit, people are sharing their discoveries, and some of them are amazing!

1. A family bough this 1878 mansion with a relative’s family so three generations could all live under one roof.

2. It’s the little details! Look at this beautiful, unexpected ornate door hardware on an 1880 home in Ontario, Canada.

ornate door hardware on an 1880 home in ontario

3. A brick from a 1890s townhouse proves that time’s may change, but cats never do.

4. Just a simple staircase in an 1890 Queen Anne Victorian home in Illinois. No big deal.

5. The original tile work in this 1920s farmhouse is… chef’s kiss. Perfection.

6. An indoor outhouse in a 1909 home. Modern convenience!

7. We’re just living vicariously through this couple who just bought a 1900 Swiss mountain house.

8. Cleaning up the attic when suddenly, a blast from the past appeared!

9. This lucky homeowner discovered hundreds of antique books in their 1912 home’s attic. A bibliophile’s dream!

10. Look at those wiiiiide 1727 floor boards! They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

11. That awkward moment when you discover your 1840s farmhouse is supported by piles of rocks, and not much else.

12. A sweet little 100-year-old San Francisco Victorian Home. Cute as a button!

13. “Sometimes you win the carpet removal lottery.”

14. “Stripped the paint from the hardware on my first of four doors. I believe they’re original to our 1912 house. Looks better than I had hoped!”

15. This homeowner made a beautiful “homage” to all of the wallpapers they removed in the house. Such a clever idea!

You just never know what you’ll find in an old house! Just as long as it’s not a ghost, we’re all for it.

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