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15 Hilariously Disastrous Cooking Mishaps That Would Have Gordon Ramsay Reeling

No matter how hard we try not to make them, mistakes are part of our everyday lives. Some are bigger than others, but in the end there is always a lesson. Sometimes that lesson can be: Just laugh about it and share it on social media!

This is what thousands of users did with their meals that went horribly wrong in an open discussion on Reddit. We decided to compile a list of some of the best (or worst?) ones. We hope you can learn from these users’ culinary mistakes and laugh a little!

1. Has anyone seen the bacon? Oh, never mind… It’s in the knife drawer.

2. Yummy, eggs Benedict for breakfast! Wait a minute… Where are my eggs?

3. Forgot the rice? Yup, pretty annoying when you realize this.

4. Do NOT try this at home. We’re just glad this user realized this mistake before serving!

5. Note to self: 20 minutes = 1,200 seconds.

6. R.I.P to this shrimp.

7. Want to make your salad a little bit sweeter? Just add vanilla extract! (or not?)

8. “Squirted skin lotion into the soup,” said this Reddit user. “Put coffee in the dishwasher detergent dish.”

9. When looking for substitutes, just remember garlic powder is NOT a substitute for cinnamon.

10. Is there a Guinness Record for the sweetest mac and cheese ever?

11. Chocolate cake that tastes like vegetables? No, thank you.

12. Hot chocolate made with a bag of five spices mix? I wonder if this couple is still together.

13. Lasagna EVERYWHERE.

14. Linguine went down the drain!

15. Cooking plastic is NEVER a good idea.

We hope you’ve learned from these experiences as much as we did!

Don’t forget to share this list with a friend to help them laugh at their own mistakes, too!

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