15 Hilarious Nuggets Of Wisdom From The Famed Meme Restaurant Sign

The only thing better than getting a delicious meal at a restaurant is getting a free laugh out of it, too!

That’s exactly what customers can expect when they visit El Arroyo, a Tex-Mex restaurant located in Austin, Texas. In addition to their tasty food, they’re known for the hilarious jokes, quotes, and heartwarming messages they display on the marquee at the front of their building. They have many of them posted on Instagram, so we’ve put together a list of some of their best — keep scrolling to enjoy!

1. El Arroyo has been serving customers "a side of laughs" since 1975.

el arroyo marquee that reads "I wish I was a little kid so I could take a nap & everyone would just be proud of me."

2. Over the years, they’ve crafted countless creative messages.

el arroyo marquee that reads "me eating:" followed by an empty spot before more words. "my white shirt: let me taste it."

3. That includes this sign which is far too relatable.

el arroyo marquee that reads "me: no problemo. narrator: but it was all problemo."

4. After nearly 50 years in business, you might think they’d run out of good material, but they haven’t had any problems so far!

el arroyo marquee that reads "I react to the word 'tacos' the way dogs react to the word 'walk.'"

5. In fact, to help them out, El Arroyo’s website features a page where people can submit their own ideas.

el arroyo marquee that reads "it's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice."

6. Staff goes through these submissions, and they have an absolute blast while doing it!

el arroyo marquee that reads "when does hibernation start? I'd like to participate this year."

7. Choosing which ones to go with can be tough, but Laura Schulte, the social media manager at El Arroyo, says they usually go by "what makes us laugh and is most applicable to current events."

el arroyo marquee that reads "having a dog named shark at the beach was a bad idea ..."

8. Whatever methods they use, they’re definitely working!

el arroyo marquee that reads "it's weird being the same age as old people."

9. Because people can’t get enough of signs like this one. Because, come on, pets are so cute when they walk with purpose!

el arroyo marquee that reads "I love it when pets walk by like they have somewhere to be."

10. These signs are so popular, in fact, that they have all sorts of merch available on their website.

el arroyo marquee that reads "the main function of the little toe is to make sure all the furniture is in place."

11. Some of it features the restaurant’s logo, but a huge portion of what they offer is covered in various marquee messages.

el arroyo marquee that reads "what does a panda cook with? a pan... duh."

12. That means you can get jokes like this one on mugs, party cups, candles, calendars, stickers, car air refreshers, coasters, and more!

el arroyo marquee that reads "idk about y'all but I don't have any more passwords left in me."

13. Although El Arroyo tends to keep their signs on the lighthearted side, they also have plenty of inspirational messages and comments on serious world events, both of which customers can find comfort in.

el arroyo marquee that reads "thank you for being a friend rest in peace betty white."

14. "We've seen a lot of success with our signs about past elections, and current events such as commentary on the pandemic," Laura said.

el arroyo marquee that reads "my day starts backwards.. I wake up tired & go to bed wide awake."

15. No matter the type of message El Arroyo shares, one thing is for sure: They’re a great way to bring people together, even those who don’t live anywhere near the location of the store.

el arroyo marquee that reads "tough times never last but tough people do long live ukraine."

Since the opening of El Arroyo, their mission has been to serve great food with great messages, something they can confidently say they’ve accomplished. It’s hard to imagine how they’ll top these incredible signs in the future, but we know they will, and we can’t want to see them!

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