15 Hilarious Camera “Giants” Who Are Taking The World By Storm

Real giants don’t exist. Or do they?


All of the people in the images below are of typical stature for a human being. That is to say, they’re of average (or maybe a little-above-average) height. Yet somehow, a tricky camera angle resulted in an optical illusion that made them look like giants. The pictures are internet gold!

1. Here’s a huge, benevolent being saying howdy to some tourists at Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

2. Little son better not make his giant dad angry.

3. Just a giant hanging from a waterfall. No big deal.

4. “My boy climbing an old rotten tree stump looks like a giant climbing mountains.”

5. “The way my friend’s uncle is sitting makes him look like a giant!”

6. Taking pictures on a beach in Mexico earned some unexpected results.

7. “The miniature shopping carts at the local pharmacy make my 11-month-old son look like a giant.”

8. “This woman seems as if she’s a giant lounging in the ocean on a large mountain.”

9. Let’s hope they’re friendly giants who rule the land with love and mercy.

10. People sure are smaller here in… wherever this is.

11. To be fair, this guy is already 7 feet tall. Still, we don’t think he’s “tall as the Lotus Temple” tall.

12. A happy giant takes a break while hiking.

13. Someone’s the new B.W.O.C. (big woman on campus).

14. How’s the weather up there?

15. Giant skier enjoys a day on the tiny slopes with his family.

Remember, giants need love, too! We’re always in awe of a good trick of the camera lens, and these are even better because they’re 100 percent real. Who needs Photoshop when all it takes is the right angle to make it look like you’re head and shoulders above the rest?

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