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15 Pictures That Do Not Contain Cats — Or Do They?

There is no cat in this picture

Cats are sneaky by nature, so it’s no surprise that they’re masters of hiding in plain sight.

With their quiet feet and impeccable balance, not to mention their penchant for squishing into even the smallest space they can find, it’s no wonder there are times when we honestly can’t locate them inside our homes.

1. If I were a cat, where would I be?

2. When he tires of trying to trip people on the stairs, he goes for the rug instead.

3. Somebody’s keeping an eye on your fashion choices.

4. Watch where you’re putting your feet!

5. Designer tip: Get a cat to match the decor of every room in your home.

6. Art really does imitate life.

7. Wherever can he be? His sneakiness knows no bounds.

8. We don’t recall putting a tail on our Christmas tree….

9. This is a tough one, until you remember that cats love heights and sunshine.

10. This one took us way too long to find.

Need a hint? Twitter’s got the goods here.

11. Here’s another hard one! Keep your eye out for, well, an eye.

Click here to get some help from Twitter.

12. What a nice room. We especially like the vase on the mantel.

13. Caring for house plants is like caring for cats: do not overwater.

14. Let us just get our reading glasses out for this one….

Click here if you give up and need a hint!

15. Your eyes are drawn to those crowded bookshelves, aren’t they?

You’ll have more luck checking here for a hint!

These kitties are hide-and-seek champions, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Cats really do keep things interesting!

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