15 Heartwarming Times Libraries Gave People Much More Than Books

There are so few safe havens in life that it’s important to recognize and appreciate the ones we have!

Public libraries have been around in the United States since the early 18th century. Since they use public funds to operate, any citizen can get a library card to borrow books, movies, and other media completely free of charge. But it’s not always the books that keep people coming back for more, it’s the sense of safety we feel as we step into the quiet world of literature and arts.

1. A librarian named David started a conversation on Twitter about how people seek out libraries when they need a safe place to go.

Tweet from David: Today a woman with developmental disabilities came into the library, and said she was lost. She didn't know her address, but her phone number was in her pocket on a piece of paper with Elmo on it. She kept saying,

2. Soon, other Twitter users were adding their voices to those who love libraries.

3. Everyone described a moment in their lives when they sought security within a library’s walls.

4. The library gives frightened people a place to run and hide.

5. It provides a quiet place to do homework and focus on scholarly activities without distraction.

6. People who came from other countries described the moment they learned that all of this incredible knowledge was now at their fingertips.

7. Books provided an escape for people who lived in troubled homes.

8. Libraries don’t discriminate. Everyone is welcomed, accommodated, and entitled to all they have to offer.

9. The library often provided a stepping stone to a world of education they never dreamed was open to them.

10. People from all walks and phases of life find solace and security in the library.

11. And librarians are some of the coolest people on the planet!

12. They know when to “look the other way” to help someone in trouble.

13. They take people seriously when they need help.

14. It takes special people to run such a special place.

15. There’s just no good reason to diss a library, ever!

Libraries deserve to be celebrated and preserved above all else! Did you know you can also access online books and audiobooks with your free library card? Ask your local librarian – they’ll know how.

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