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10 April Fools’ Riddles For The Whole Family To Enjoy

This article originally appeared on iMOM.com and reflects their mission and beliefs.

April Fools’ Day isn’t just about whoopie cushions and toothpaste-filled Oreos. If you’re not the pranking type or you are just looking for more fun for your family, our April Fools’ Riddles are fun for teasing your brain. Toss a couple in lunchboxes, text one to your husband in the middle of the day, or quiz your kids in the car.

Some of these April Fools’ riddles are April-themed while others might just make you feel like a fool because you can’t figure out the answer. But all of them will make you and your family put on your thinking caps and share a few laughs. If you haven’t checked out our other holiday riddles, we have a ton here. No joke, there are riddles for almost every holiday and some for everyday brain work. And if you want more April Fools’ fun, we dare you not to laugh at these jokes.

Q: What’s in the middle of March and April but never at the beginning or end?
A: The letter “R”

Q: What month has one day?
A: All of them!

Q: Carrie’s birthday is in April, which is in the fall. How is this possible?
A: Carrie lives in Australia.

Q: What 5-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?
A: “Short”

Q: A plane crashes exactly on the border of the U.S. and Canada. Half the people on board were American and half the people were Canadian. Where do you bury the survivors?
A: You don’t bury survivors!

Q: What comes once a minute, twice every moment, but never in a thousand years?
A: The letter “M”

Q: Henry’s mother had four kids. The first three were named April, Fools, and Day. What was the fourth one named?
A: Henry

Q: When written forward, this word is heavy. When written backward, it is not. What word is this?
A: Ton

Q: When called to investigate, the police found that a man had died in his apartment. When they looked up where he worked, they discovered that he earned $30 for every month he worked with 30 or fewer days and $35 for every month he worked with 31 days. Assuming today is April 1, how much will he earn by the end of December?
A: April Fools’! He won’t earn anything. He died.

Q: Mike was born on March 31st and he’s the easiest person to pull an April Fools’ joke on. Why?
A: Because he was born yesterday.

Try your best to fool us! Leave a riddle in the comments.

This article originally appeared on iMOM.com and reflects their mission and beliefs.

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