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15 Of The Derpiest Felines We’ve Ever Seen

Cats are generally considered to be elegant creatures, but even the most graceful felines have moments of pure derpiness.

They may find it embarrassing, but their goofy antics just make us love them even more! That’s why we’ve gathered 15 of our favorite silly cats below. They’re sure to brighten your day!

1. It was in that moment that she knew she’d made a mistake.

2. This adorable cat is the definition of “If I fits, I sits!”

3. Look at those tiny teef!

4. Did someone say cheese?

5. Does she not know how to sit… or is she onto something?!

6. It looks like the string may be winning.

7. Mood.

8. Neither of them has any idea what’s going on.

9. “I may not be as liquid as I thought.”

10. This cat clearly understands the importance of drinking water.

11. We have a feeling these two are up to something…

12. Nothing to see here. Just a normal cat. Sitting normally.

13. A warm kitty is a happy kitty!

14. Looks like someone’s got the zoomies!

15. To the person who ordered a derpy cat: Your package has arrived!

Cats sure seem to have a talent for creating silly, picture-perfect moments. Guess that means we humans should have our cameras on standby just in case!

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