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15 Enormous Dogs Who Are Convinced They’re Still Puppies

One of the best things about dogs (aside from just about everything), is that they come in such a wide variety of colors, coats, and sizes.

Whether you favor tiny pups who fit in your purse or giant, fluffy dogs who are built to pull carts and defend flocks, there’s a canine to suit every lifestyle! The adorable pets in the photos below are on the large – OK massive – end of the scale. The only problem is nobody told them that!

1. He’s a mix of American wolf dog and malamute, but he likes cuddles and lap time as much as the little guys.

2. Check out this big, tough boy out and about with his Winnie-the-Pooh stuffy.

3. “He may look like a bear but he identifies as a lapdog.”

4. “My, what big teeth you have!” It’s a good thing this kitten already knows he would never use them.

5. “A rottweiler? Well I must admit I have always preferred lapdogs,” Grammy said. And then she met Gus!

6. Bonner the Newfoundland is a big hit in the Rehabilitation Unit at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

7. Why walk when you could be carried? This fluffball has it all figured out!

8. “Meet Heisenberg. He likes hugs. I’m a 6-foot-1-inch, 300-pound man. He’s almost as big.”

9. Seamus is an Irish wolfhound. Don’t let his impressive size fool you; he wouldn’t hurt a fly.

10. “My 93-pound German shepherd is pretty pleased with the amount of inconvenience he’s causing.”

11. You’re never too big to need a hug when you’re scared at the vet’s office.

12. “Once a lapdog, always a lapdog.”

13. “My 85-pound dog is scared of my sister’s 1.5-pound foster kitten.”

14. “Big house cow meets little house cow.”

15. “This is Ben. He has a beard. And he is human sized. We get fun looks in traffic.”

Who else wants a “house cow” of their own after seeing these beautiful beasts? We might have to get a bigger car… and house first, but it would be worth it!

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