15 Gifts All Children At Heart Secretly Want To Receive

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At some point during the growing-up process, the gifts we got at birthdays and holidays started to reflect the fact that we’ve become adults and… well, we don’t think that’s fair. Sure, getting super fluffy socks or a high-quality vacuum can be life-changing, but that doesn’t mean we should be limited to grown-up gifts only.

If you’ve ever felt the same way, rest assured, you’re not alone. Reddit user devious_egg posed the following question which started a massive discussion: “Adults, what is something you’d love receiving as a gift but no one even considers giving you because you’re an adult?”

Keep scrolling to see some of the best answers – you might even find some to add to your own wish list!

1. Stickers.

“I won’t put them on anything and you’ll never see it again once you’ve gifted it to me,” Reddit user Matthias_Cro wrote. “But it will remain forever a highly cherished gift.”

2. Remote control vehicles.

“Remote controlled cars, planes, or helicopters. They were fun when I was 8 and they are even more fun now,” VintageShrill wrote.

3. Swing set or a trip to the park.

“I am absolutely craving a trip to a park with a playground in it so I can ride the swings,” voiceofAFO wrote. “Swings were a happy place for me as a child. I don’t drive; and can’t afford ride services. I always got eye rolls.”

4. A spirograph.

“Those drawing things where you put a pen inside a circle and it moves like a cog inside a bigger circle and creates a pattern,” Winter_Cheesecake158 wrote.

5. Sneakers that light up when you walk.

“I want these to be standard Olympic uniform, just imagine Usain Bolt in light up shoes,” tourniquet13 suggested.

6. “I always wanted a princess tea party as a kid and was never able to,” Bubz-411 shared.

Another Reddit user, who goes by Belfette, was quick to confirm that it’s never too late to have a tea party, even at 37 years old.

” … Never got to have them as a kid either, so a few years ago (prepandemic) I planned an Alice and Wonderland themed tea party for my coworkers,” she said. “Best thing I ever did.”

7. An invite for ice cream.

“A former team I worked on had an ice cream social day, and the only rule was you ABSOLUTELY couldn’t tell the new people ahead of time,” FireITGuy said. “It was one of the coolest things to just watch new employee’s process of confusion turning into pure joy when everyone in the office just got up at once to leave and we got to convince the new employees that yes, we were really all going to get ice cream on company time.”

8. Dinosaur toys.

“I would love a realistic looking, high quality T-Rex toy that I can pack in my suitcase and take it with me wherever I go. It should be big enough to swallow a Lego human whole,” one Reddit user shared. “I still think T-Rex is awesome. (By realistic I mean like Jurassic Park and not like Barney)”

9. Art kits.

“Used to get them almost every year as a kid. When I started going to college, the kits stopped coming,” strangedrow said.

10. Legos.

Because of a mix up, Reddit user CanYouBeHelped brought Legos to what he thought was a kid’s birthday party, inadvertently leading to one of the best presents ever.

“We show up and I’m frankly concerned by all the craft beer with bows and balloons on it. I set our gift bag down and we join the party. Shortly after, her husband shouts with joy and wants to know who got him the big Lego set,” he shared. “Well, that was me, and, uh…. You’re welcome.”

11. Plushies.

“The only reason I, a 26 year old guy, would not like to receive plushies is that I already have an unacceptable quantity,” eggcracked2wice said.

12. A trampoline.

“Just make sure you get written permission slips from all the neighborhood dads that want to jump on it,” one Reddit user suggested.

13. Nerf guns.

“I get these for white elephant gift exchanges,” Darth_Magnus said. “People usually like getting them and immediately start using them.”

14. Board games and puzzles.

“I gift them a lot hoping someone will return the favor,” Applejuiceinthehall said.

15. Surprise gifts.

“I’d like to get a birthday or Christmas gift that I had no hand in planning or acquiring,” paleo2002 said. “Like, a wrapped package that I genuinely have no idea what is inside.”

If you’ve been hesitant to ask for certain gifts out of fear of judgement, we hope this list gives you the confidence you need to ask for whatever your heart desires! Just because we have to grow up doesn’t mean we can’t remain kids at heart!

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