15 Formerly Chonky Animals Who Are Living Their Best Lives

before and after of a dog named kai after he lost over 100 pounds

If there’s one thing people on social media love, it’s chonky animals. It’s easy to understand why – they’re just so dang adorable!


But as much as we love when a cat or dog is an absolute unit, sometimes it’s in their best interest health-wise to lose some weight. It’s often easier said than done, though, which is why we love the subreddit r/dechonkers! It’s filled with incredible before and after photos of former chonkers, and we’ve gathered some of the best for you to appreciate below.

1. “My cat was 23lbs when we adopted him, today he’s 12lbs and no longer diabetic!”

large orange and white cat laying on his back on a rug

2. “I got darling Belle about two months ago (on the left) and immediately put her on a diet. Show her some love as she continues her dechonkin’ journey!”

3. “[Buddy] was diagnosed with pancreatitis about three months ago, so since then he’s been on a strict limited low fat diet which has really brought his weight down. The first pic he was around 20kg, and now he’s at 13kg. Healthy weight for his breed is 10kg-12kg so he’s nearly there!”

4. “My service dog, Avalanche, is back to a healthy weight!”

5. “Jazzy is RUNNING & JUMPING just in time for her 10th birthday tomorrow! We love you Jazzy! 16 lbs to go!”

6. “Eli lost a whole cat’s worth of weight! From 23 lbs down to 13.8.”

7. “From absolute unit on the brink of being put down due to health issues to the smiling boy you see today. Congrats, Kai, on losing over 100 pounds. Good boy!”

8. “Chasing the dog chased away the chonk!!!!”

9. “It took a heafty bribe, and two years, but my cat finally lost the weight!”

10. “Sookie Progress: 90% Dechonkified. Started fostering her 7 months ago after she was abandoned from a puppy mill operation at 74lbs. We adopted her a month ago and is now at 48lbs! Ideal weight ~40lbs.”

11. Mittens has made a lot of changes in three years, but she still loves her banana!

12. “Phoebe’s diet is going well!”

13. “My mill rescue who made it full circle. Now she’s spayed and well muscled!”

14. “Even though we loved our chonker girl, we knew she’d be happier healthy. After starting medication for her barbering, a prescription diet for weight loss, and a new feeding schedule, she’s a chonker no more!”

15. Dogs and cats aren’t the only pets who can be chonkers – Alexander reached his weight goal by going from 95 grams to 80 grams!

We’re so happy that these precious creatures are doing better now! They were always adorable, but now they’re feeling their best, and it really shows!

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