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15 Animals Who Clearly Have Secret Double Lives As Human Celebrities

simon cowell in sunglasses next to dog in sunglasses

Some animals have incredibly expressive faces, giving them a uniquely human appearance.

On social media, people love sharing pictures of pets that they think look like celebrities. There are thousands of funny animal memes based on these interspecies resemblances (we personally identified with Grumpy Cat for years!), and there are more added to the pop culture lexicon every day. Here are a few more celebrity look-alike animals who had us doing a double take on Twitter.

1. Richard Gere, in collie form.

2. John Travolta and this dog share the same piercing blue eyes.

3. We wouldn’t tangle with Clint Eastwood… or this dog.

4. William H. Macy, say hello to William H. Macy.

5. Tilda Swinton, meet your doppelgänger.

6. Steve Buscemi and his canine twin.

7. A dog who looks like another dogg. Snoop Dogg, that is.

8. Richard Branson, this dog, and Falkor from “The Neverending Story” have to be related.

9. Peter Dinklage and his stunt double?

10. He’s friendly, approachable… he’s Henry Winkler!

11. This dog may look like Patrick Stewart, but there is only ONE Sir Patrick.

12. Ron Perlman is more of a cat guy.

13. Samuel L. Jackson may have changed to round glasses, but the dog is keeping his look classic.

14. Martin Scorsese called. He wants his eyebrows back.

15. Simon Cowell doesn’t care for this rendition, to be honest.

How cute are these celebrity look-alikes? We want an animal friend who looks like us, too!

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