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15 Tender-Hearted Firefighters Risking Their Lives To Save Animals

Firefighters spend the majority of their days and nights responding to calls for medical aid and trauma resulting from car accidents and other incidents. But when they’re called out to douse a residential, commercial or forest fire, these brave men and women fight the fires in addition to doing everything in their power to ensure all living souls are safely evacuated.

Below are 15 heart-warming and sometimes heart-wrenching images of firefighters around the world saving assorted pets and wildlife from all sorts of life-threatening situations, including fires, floods, falling into icy water and getting stuck in storm drains and thick mud bogs.

It’s too bad the animals can’t come straight out and say “thank you,”but– in many of the images– their obvious gratitude shines through.

1. This tabby is too terrified at the moment to properly thank his rescuer.

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