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15 Feel-Good Memes For Your Daily Dose Of Wholesome

A two-photo collage. The first photo is of a large, fluffy white and black dog sticking out their tongue. They are wearing a black frame of glasses and a bowtie. They sit on the floor in front of a moveable whiteboard. The second photo is a Twitter conversation that starts with: Weird but long time ago when I felt scared alone during 2-4 am I always think about bakers in their bakery who are already up during that time doing their thing.

The internet is full of all sorts of knowledge and recourses. Oh, and there’s memes. Lots and lots of memes. While there’s all types of memes out there, we have to admit that our favorite might be the wholesome ones.

These are the memes that have a chance of making you laugh, tear up, or both. There’s no shortage of these posts all across social media, but we made it easier for you to enjoy some of the best ones by gathering our favorites below. Just keep scrolling to enjoy!

1. But he’s still such a good boy!

2. Everything about this interaction is iconic.

3. We love to see it!

4. Welcome back, beloved turtle.

5. Sound like there’s a woodland creature who needs a raise for their A+ humor.

6. This is a realization that is truly life-changing!

7. If a dog in glasses and a bowtie gives you a piece of wisdom, you know it’s trustworthy.

8. So many happy tears!

9. Brendan Fraser continues to prove he’s an incredible person!

10. You never know how much power your words hold.

11. If you “just want to see what the adoption process is like” at an animal shelter, you’re already getting at least one new pet.

12. Who wouldn’t be chuffed in this cozy space?

13. This might be the most adorable misunderstanding ever.

14. We couldn’t be happier for her!

Positive vibes
by u/Kaos2018 in wholesomememes

15. What a lovely realization!

When the world is full of chaos and stress, it’s important that we make space for moments of calm and hope. We hope you enjoyed this much-needed dose of wholesomeness! Which one was your favorite?

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