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15 Eye-Catching Collections That Have Turned Into More Than Just A Hobby

a two-photo collage. the first is of a world map hung on the wall. next to the map are various bills from around the world, each connected to their country of origin with a string. the second is of colorful bird pens lined up on a small table.

The only thing better than having just one of your favorite things is having a whole reservoir full!

Casually collecting fun items is a pretty common hobby, but then there are those who take things to a whole other level – in the best way possible! Keep scrolling to find out what we mean because we’ve collected (see what we did there?) some of the best (and weirdest) collections that have been shared online.

1. We wonder if any of these typewriters still work!

2. “I’m a hardcore collector of 70s space age mod, and pick up every single piece I find thrifting. Here is my upstairs living room with some of my finds over the years.”

3. “Some dice appreciation after reorganizing my collection. I only want more.”

4. “My parents have a map of bills from around the world.”

5. “My father’s collection of concert tickets.”

6. “Weird Christmas Tradition: Parents buy me these bird pens every year without fail. Here’s my collection after about 10 years. I’m a 26 year old male by the way…”

7. “My Grandma kept and framed her Valentine’s cards she got in second grade, around 1924.”

8. “I collect old drinking glasses and came across this beautiful cabinet last week at Salvation Army! It’s perfect.”

9. “Bentley likes to hide his toy mice under one specific sofa. Here he is with the 13 I pulled out today.”

10. “I recently helped my father-in-law pick out a new telescope. Today, he said thanks by gifting me his collection of NASA mission patches he’s been collecting for over 40 years –every manned mission from Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo. I’m speechless.”

11. “I kept all of my old cell phones throughout the years. Decided to display them for some reason.”

12. So much music, so little time!

13. This is like having a video game store in your own house!

14. “My collection of more than 200 four leaf clovers.”

15. “One cup of sand from every beach and desert I visited over the past 3 years.”

No matter how common or unusual a collection is, each one is special in their own way. Not because of the contents themselves (though that can be intriguing as well) but because each one gives insight into the person doing the collecting. How fun is that?

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