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15 Kids’ Halloween Costumes That Are The Definition Of Extra

kids costumes Maleficent and Dwight Schrute

Halloween is one of the few holidays that allows us to let our creativity shine!

When it comes to crafting the perfect costume for their kids, some parents really go all out. Far from the days of poking two holes in a sheet and calling your kid a ghost, these folks put in the effort to make pop culture references we can appreciate for years to come.

1. “We always joked that our little guy looked like a Mandrake Root when he cried. Therefore, we dressed him up as one for his first Halloween!”

2. “Why be a princess, when you can be a Queen?” This child is owning her role as Queen Maleficent!

3. “My son Maverick was born at 25 weeks. He’s been so strong throughout his stay in the NICU and, hopefully, will be coming home in December. We figured Harry made an apt Halloween costume.”

4. To boldly go where no Muppet has gone before….

5. This 10 year old wanted to be “a very famous singer.” Weird Al, at your service!

6. “This year for Halloween she wanted to be a Jellyfish. Say no more, I got this. Practical on so many levels.”

7. “There’s no crying in baseball!” This dad’s trio of cuties would fit right in at “A League of Her Own.”

8. Steve from Minecraft, made entirely from boxes.

9. “Somebody stop me!” How perfect is her “Ace Ventura, Pet Detective” impression?

10. “I defy you to find a better #Halloween costume than this kid walking around with his own head in a jar.”

11. Meet the new Assistant TO the Regional Manager, Dwight Schrute.

12. Greetings from the most artistic family on the block.

13. “My 2 year old as the Colonel.” Nailed it!

14. He pities the fool who doesn’t understand his Mr. T reference.

15. “My kid in a homemade Cousin It costume.” Morticia and Gomez would be proud!

Okay, these kids and their parents have really upped the ante this Halloween! We really need to boost our game and make this the best spooky season yet.

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