15 Epic Cooking Fails That Have Us Reaching For The Takeout Menu

cute chick bread rolls vs exploded chick bread rolls

We all eat, so it follows that everyone has to go into the kitchen and prepare food at some point.

Some people are terrific at cooking and even go on to become professional chefs! Others have a more challenging time in this area, and their mealtime creations… don’t always turn out as planned. At times, their concoctions aren’t even edible!

1. This attempt at wood-fired pizza came out extra, extra, extra crispy.

2. How did this even happen? We’re genuinely curious.

3. “Apparently I bought a brining bag instead of a baking bag.”

4. You wanted to spend the rest of the day cleaning your oven, right?

5. “It’s been a very weird cooking day […] It all started when my 4’7″ bestie broke my knife in half while smashing garlic. In my 15 years in kitchens and as a chef, I’ve never seen it.”

6. Rest assured, this so-called carrot cake didn’t just look bad… it tasted bad, too!

7. This baker did Cookie Monster dirty.

8. Who wants some exploding chickens?

9. “Tried making homemade pesto and it turned out more like avocado.”

10. A nice, light quiche sounds delightful. Whatever that is, however, isn’t it.

11. The folks at Cinnabon aren’t going to be calling this cook to come work for them anytime soon.

12. “I’m like 90 percent sure I’ve made the worst breakfast sandwich ever.” (We agree!)

13. “I guess it’s a calzone now?”

14. “Microwave: 1 Hot Pocket: 0.” You win this round, microwave!

15. Nothing like a big bowl of mom’s bean soup. Yum!

Cooking really is an art form, and all of these people should leave it to the professionals. We don’t know about you, but we’re reaching for the takeout menu tonight!

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