15 Times We Caught Our Grandparents Being Amazing In Every Way

grandma in golf cart pulling grandma on rolling chair behind her

As we grow older, we have two choices: Keep embracing life and finding joy in the small moments or become grumpy and withdrawn.


Obviously, life is a lot more fun if we choose the first option! The folks in the stories below have all done just that. Age is just a number to them, and they’re still finding ways to bring love and positivity to everyone around them.

1. “My 92-year-old grandpa holding my parrot for the first time. He insisted that I take a photo of him so he could print it out to show his friends.”

2. This granny loves to cosplay as, you guessed it, Granny from “Looney Tunes.” We think she nailed it!

3. Daily selfies from the sweetest person ever? Yes, please.

4. Great advice, Bob!

5. “My 97-year-old grandma doesn’t use computers, but I found a meme years ago that I thought she’d like so I sent it in the mail. Turns out she’s kept it at her bedside ever since.”

6. An excellent choice.

7. “My Grandpa Mac, 92-years-old, just got new security cameras around his house. He has my cousin Aaron and I on the online login (he’s not too computer savvy) so we can see what’s going on. He sends us random messages through the cameras…”

8. “A 76-year-old retired Air Force colonel is no match for his 4-year-old granddaughter.”

9. The most wholesome interaction you’ll see today.

10. These parents seem to be enjoying their new retirement community.

11. “I had no idea that my dad had these digital skills. This came as one of 11 emails containing one photo in each email, all of my parents’ weekend. This one was captioned, ‘Look what we found in the kitty cave!'”

12. She’s got some good moves!

13. She told him, “I haven’t been carried like this since my wedding day.”

14. Sweetest Amazon review of all time.

15. “Did a Christmas scavenger hunt. This is what my grandpa sent for three wise men.”

We love them all! These folks are proof: “Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional!”

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