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These 15 Memes May Have Zero Context, But They’re Chock-Full Of Funny!

memes with no context

Sometimes photos circulate on the internet for no real reason.

These images can become memes, but without a shred of context as to where they’re from, what they mean, or even what’s happening! On Facebook, people share these often bizarre pictures on a group called “Memes With No Context,” which currently has over 388,000 followers. These photos might not make much sense, but when it comes to memes… who cares?

1. Truck? What truck? It’s just another day of enjoying our backyard.

2. Okay, who let the cat out of the bag?

3. This teacher goes above and beyond… literally.

4. They really should have measured the bike before buying the truck, don’t you think?

5. Sleeping on the job has never looked this stressful.

6. You call it “tricking your children into doing household work,” we call it multi-tasking!

7. That poor lamp post simply couldn’t stand any longer. Either that, or it’s really, really, really hot there.

8. First Rose won’t make room for Jack on the door, and now this!

9. This photo is sure to upset some people. Possibly including us. We haven’t decided yet. Anyway, sorry in advance!

10. Well, this should be an interesting story.

11. We’d prefer Benjamins, but George will have to do.

12. Don’t believe the overly-dramatic turtles.

13. Maybe they should wrap up work early today? Just a suggestion.

14. Just in case you need a pit stop on your way down the stairs.

15. “Ding dong! Company’s coming! Do I smell pot roast?”

We’re no closer to knowing anything about these funny pictures, but we still enjoy seeing them cross our feed. Honestly, that’s all we need from memes in the first place. No mental heavy-lifting required!

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